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Limits Access to Entry

Many companies, businesses, and high security premises are investing in state-of-the-art door access control system in Dubai to add an additional layer of security and keep a control on the entry and exit of people. These electronic door access control systems have been designed to limit access to physical environments or systems. The door access control is being increasingly used by supervisors of the organizations to grant access to employees during working hours. Using this door access control, they can allow access or entry only to permitted individuals and this way, door access control helps in promoting security.

The door access control also restricts, controls, and manages the exit from premises. The use of door access control helps in curbing access of unauthorized people and theft of items in the company or business. Combining CCTV with door access control can help detecting movement of people in any premises or area. Most commonly used door access control systems are installed by CCTV Solutions helping you to ensure complete safety of your business premises. Some of the door access control systems available are card readers, controllers for doors, RFID systems, biometric door access control systems and more. We have a team of highly qualified and proficient door access control installers who install these systems and provide maintenance services of door access control so that these systems never fail you.

Choose any of the door access control card access systems and ensure the security of the premises. At CCTV Solutions, we will help you decide the card system to choose in your door access control, a proper package within your budget, access points, and free on-site estimates. You can decide whom to give access to your property using these door access control systems.

The door access control systems work with the help of small radio transponders that recognizes the system holder. The card’s proximity element requires to be held close to the reader when access is required. The door access control has cards that can easily fit in a wallet and look like a credit card. The door access control ensures more control and keeps the premise secure and safe.