Delinquent employees can be problematic to your organization’s bottom line and long-term success. They could be considered as such when they are constantly late. It affects their performance and harms your company’s reputation, customer service, and productivity. So, it’s important to consider ways that can help encourage those employees to be punctual. One of the things you can do is to install an attendance machine in Dubai.

An attendance machine can shift your company from manual attendance-taking to a more digital, secure, and accurate way of verifying your employees’ time-ins and time-outs. Modern machines feature biometrics, which provides an accurate way to verify an employee’s identity through fingerprinting, retinal scan, or facial recognition. Another type of attendance machine in Dubai incorporates scanning a barcode or a chip embedded in an employee ID to verify and record the exact time that they went to and left the workplace.

One of the problems with manual attendance logging and old-fashioned Bundy clocks is they are prone to fraud. A colleague could easily fake the attendance of another to make it seem like they came in on time. In some cases, they could take too long to register attendance. You can avoid those problems by upgrading your systems to a higher-end attendance machine in Dubai. 

When employees know that you have a better and more accurate way of tracking their attendance, they could be encouraged to come in much earlier for work and be punctual, as they cannot fool the system this time. The attendance machine may also eliminate errors associated with manual systems as it provides a more efficient way to record accurate data. HR can easily identify the number of hours the employee has been at work and monitor productivity for accurate payroll records.

Attendance machines differ in terms of the number of employees that can be accommodated and how it records data. Be sure to consult with a reputable supplier of an attendance machine in Dubai for recommendations on the right system that will fit your needs and budget.